Tips to decorate your rental

Tips to decorate your rental

Living in a rental can have its ups and downs, but one of the most difficult things to deal with is its decoration. It may sound silly, but decorating in a rental is not easy, as you never feel like that is truly your place. The apartments for rent in Oklahoma City can be spacious or not, but if you are living in any kind of rental, you need to consider some tips if you want to start decorating!

Ask for written permission

The first thing to do when living in a rental you want to decorate is asking for written permission. It is basically between you and the landlord. It does not matter if your landlord is really nice or really annoying; you still need to get written permission that you can decorate!

Pay it out yourself

After all, you are the one who want to redecorate and make your living more comfortable, so you need to pay all the costs yourself. It is not fair to bill to bill the landlord; plus, he is not going to let you decorate if you insist that he pays! Therefore, save some money for your investment and start decorating!

Mix it well

If you are working on a budget with your decorating project, chances are you cannot afford new furniture or the latest technology to improve your home. No problem! You can mix it well by choosing a few pieces of new, lavish furniture and combine them with secondhand pieces of furniture which you can paint. Also, look for sales everywhere, craft or buy unique accessories. The big retailer furniture stores, such as IKEA, usually have smaller prices than other shops.

Be careful!

If you buy used furniture, you can easily get an infestation or spread bugs into your house. Since nobody wants that, you should avoid any issue by giving furniture the chance to ‘breathe. Clean all the pieces of secondhand furniture you bought and let them out for a couple of days, just to be sure your rental stays clean. You can also try professional cleaning as an extra precaution!

Make a statement with accessories!

You can use curtains, rugs, plants or lighting to give your home a new life. Fill in every room with personality by adding accessories that fit in with the room. If you need to remove the original rental items with your new ones, keep them in a box and label them, so you can easily put them back on when is time to leave,

Do not go for the wallpaper

Wallpaper can be super interesting in a room, but unfortunately is quite difficult to remove, and you should not get into unless the landlord asks you for it! There are a few alternatives to the wallpaper, such as paint stencils.

If you want to know how you can easier decorate the apartments for rent in Oklahoma City, all you need are a few handy tips and a lot of patience! Are you ready to get started?

Rent like a pro the best renting tips ever

Rent like a pro: the best renting tips ever

Renting is a two-faced job: it seems very easy to do, but you can encounter so many problems with it, you just wish to give up! But don`t you worry! There are many apartments for rent in Oklahoma City to choose from, and all you need is the best renting tips ever to help you close the deal! If you are curious about it, just keep reading below, and you will end up with a rented apartment in no time.

Decide what your budget is

You may have heard this a thousand times, but is time you pay attention to this advice! Most of the people who rent do not really pay attention to their budgets or treat the matter superficially, but this is truly the most important step you need to take before you go out apartment hunting. Renting is one of the top priorities if you want to be independent, but you need to calculate your budget well, to avoid being kicked out after only two months

So, doing the math is quite easy: the perfect rent is bout 25 , 30 % of your monthly income. Once you calculate that, add a little extra to it, because there are extra costs involved when you first move in. Almost all the landlords out there will ask you to pay 2, 3 or even 4 times the rent, as a guarantee. Plus, you will have to pay the transport for your furniture, to spend money on things needed around the house, such as cleaning items, etc. Therefore, save 50% of your salary when you first move in, just to cover all the expenses!

Look for your best area!

Oklahoma City, as any other city, has good and bad areas, but it all depends on your tastes and budget, of course. You need to get information on all the areas, visit them if you can, and decide on one or two, maximum three areas that you like. These are the places in town you should focus on when you go apartment hunting. The area is very important for your lifestyle: imagine living one hour away from work! You would have to wake up an hour earlier and get home an hour later all because you live too far away! Consider things like amenities, job distance, school and transport when you choose the location.

Visit some places

Now is time to search for places! Go online, look for rentals in your budget, check the local newspaper, ask around and visit some places! It is recommended to visit maximum 2 places in one day! Think about what you want in an apartment and choose the places that seem the best for you. In the end, after you visited and visited, make a decision based on budget, location and living conditions.

When you are looking for apartments for rent in Oklahoma City you need to stay organized and take into consideration a few handy tips to make the best decision ever! Are you ready to go apartment hunting?

How to find the best deals on rent

How to find the best deals on rent

The competition on the rental market is slowly heating up, especially in the autumn, when everyone seems to be looking for a new rent. In this kind of situation, it can be quite difficult to find a great rental! Sometimes, it seems literally impossible to find an affordable, nice place to rent. There are a few tips to find the best deals on the apartments for rent in Oklahoma City. If you want to know them, just keep reading below!

Rental websites and how to use them

The first place where you search for rentals is usually online, right? So, how can you use the rental websites into your advantage? Firstly, it is very important to know the sites that can help you find what you seek. So, you must know your priorities. What locations are you looking for? How big should the apartment be? Websites such as are the perfect way to start. You can analyze the rent prices, compare them, and see the whole offer on rentals.

Craigslist is also a good idea, especially for those who do not want to work with real estate agents. With only a few clicks, you can find what you are looking for and see if the price is right for you or not. If not, then you can easily adjust the search and settle for less. There are many rental websites online, and the trick is to use them into your advantage, by knowing what you are looking for!

The power of word

Online searching is great, but what is also great is the power of word. Let people know you are looking to rent, tell everyone you know that you need help searching and ask them for contacts, ideas, etc. You will be surprised on how many offers you can get only by spreading the word to your friends and family. Sometimes, you can get an apartment before it hits the market, which is a really, really great deal!

Consider a smaller place

The bigger the place, the higher the price that is what they say. So, if you feel like the apartments you are searching for are way out of your price range, think smart: consider a smaller place or settle for less than you actually wanted. You do not have to give up comfort for space, and is not recommended you do, but if you really want a bigger place, then consider one which is not freshly renovated or fully equipped. Adapt your needs to the available apartments and to your budget and you surely will find something for you.

Therefore there are many ways to find good deals, but is only up to you! If you want to become a renter as well, consider the handy tips above to find the greatest deal!

When you are looking for apartments for rent in Oklahoma City things may get confusing or you can feel like there is nothing for you out there. Do not worry, with these handy tips, you will be able to find the best deal!

How to decorate a rental

How to decorate a rental?

Rentals are usually more difficult to decorate, especially if you live in a place where all the furniture is outdated or where the landlord does not agree you to mess up with his house. The apartments for rent in Oklahoma City can be easily decorated these days, with only a few touches. Do you want to know how? Keep on reading below!

Add some fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are cheap, beautiful, and they go into every room! This is truly a universal tip anyone can use when decorating a rental! You can also add plants to the house to make it look more alive and fresher. Make sure you take good care of the plans so they last longer!

How about some paint?

Painting is easy and can change up the atmosphere in a room. You can choose to paint all the walls, or paint just one in a bolder color. Opt for colors that will lighten up the room and make it look bigger, such as soft grey, beige, etc. If the landlord does not agree with the wall painting, you can paint the furniture! Just make sure you do not paint anything that is made of natural wood, because that can be trickier.

Spice up the lighting

Most of the rentals out there have boob lights that can be pretty annoying and ugly. You can spice up the lighting in the house by investing in beautiful lamps or in a nice chandelier and start using it. Keep the original lights in a box, and label them by rooms so you can easily replace them when you live the place,

How are your faucets?

If you are one of the unlucky renters that have to deal with sticky, leaky, old faucets, is time for a change! You can easily buy one at the local hardware store and replace it. Your landlord will be pleased that you are improving things around the house and you will have a much quieter and nicer living! You can do the same thing for your shower head!

Add a colorful rug

This is literally one of the best decorating rental tips you can ever get! Rugs are absolutely amazing and they can instantly refresh a room! Define space in your rental right now and cover up those floors by buying colorful, happy rugs. You will be able to take the rugs with you when you leave, so invest in some pieces that you love!

Bring the walls back to life

The walls are usually the first to get noticed when you enter a room, and what better way to bring them back to life than hanging beautiful art? Choose any kind of pictures you like, make a statement about your style! If you are worried about what the landlord will say, you can easily cover up the holes when you live or go for wall stickers instead.

The apartments for rent in Oklahoma City are not difficult to be decorated. All you need to know are a few handy tips. Creativity is a plus!